How to revise for GCSE languages (French\0

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  • GCSE French Revision Techniques
    • Listening
      • Listen to French podcasts
        • listen to podcasts in fast French and pick out as many words as you can (even if you understand very little)
        • Listen to podcasts in slow French try to summurise the content in your own words at the end.
      • Listen to French music
      • Watch French films and TV
        • with English subtitles
        • With French subtitles
        • with no subtitles
    • Reading
      • Read the news in French  and Englisheach day.
      • Change your phone language to French
      • Read children's books in French
    • Writing
      • Keep a diary in French and write at least 50 words a day
      • Use language learning apps
        • HelloTalk
        • Duolingo
        • Babbel
      • Find a French penfriend and write to them in French
    • Speaking
      • Narrate your day in French
      • Talk to your teacher in French as much as possible iinstead of English
      • Talk to native speakers
    • All
      • Learn new vocab
      • Do grammar exercises
      • go over the content and keywords in each topic


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