GCSE History Medieval Medicine - ideas about the cause of disease

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  • Ideas about the cause of disease
    • The church
      • Didn't like change
      • Controlled which books copied and distributed
        • Copied by hand - fews made hard for ideas to spread
      • Disease punishment from God / test of faith
        • No need to look for other causes
        • Would go to hell if challenged Bible
    • Astrology
      • Important because of influence of Hippocrates
    • The Theory of the Four Humours -   HIPPOCRATES
      • Galen used to develop Theory of Opposites
      • Backed by Church
      • Lack of scientific evidence to support other theories
        • Many believed no need to change how medicine done
    • Miasma
      • Hippocrates & Galen both wrote about it
    • Education
      • Learned Hippocrates & Galen correct about all aspects of medicine
        • Doctors not  encouraged to expermiment nor think for themselves
      • Church controlled education
    • Government
      • No taxes collected to help improve medicine


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