GCSE Economics Mind Map Revision

This is a mind map which will allow people such as myself who do GCSE OCR Economics and need a visual way of seeing what to start with and how to approach it.

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  • GCSE Economics
    • Unit 1 How The Market Works (25% Of your GCSE)
      • The Basic Economic Problem
        • Factors Of Productions
        • Scarcity, Choice and Oppertunity Cost
        • Approaches to the Economic Problem
      • What Are Competitive Markets?
        • Markets
        • Supply
        • Demand
        • Determination Of Price in a Competitive Market
      • How Do Firms Operate In A Competitive Market?
        • Costs, Revenue and Profits
        • Productivity
        • Growth Of Firms
        • Rewards For Labour
    • Unit 2 How The Economy Works (25% Of Your GCSE)
      • What Are The Economic Objectives Of A Goverment
        • Objectives of Policies
        • Economic Growth
        • Employment And Unemployment
        • Price Stability and Inflation
      • How does the UK government raise and spend their money?
        • Government Income And Expenditure
        • Redistribution of Income
        • Correcting Market Failure
      • What Policies Can The Government Use?
        • Fiscal Poilicy
        • Monetary and Interest Rates Policy
        • Supply Side Policy
        • Government Policies And Conflicts
    • Unit 3 The UK Economy And Globalisation (50% of your GCSE)
      • Why Do Countries Trade?
        • Globalisation
        • International Specialisation and Trade
        • World Trade Organisation
        • Patterns Of Trade
        • Protectionism
      • Why is the UK in the European Union?
        • Membership Of the EU
      • How Is the UK International Trade Recorded?
        • Balance Of Payments
        • Balance Of Payments Deficit
      • How Important Is a Value Of A Currency
        • Exchange Rates
      • How Does A Country Become More Competitive?
        • Factors Influencing Competitiveness
        • Government Policy And International Competitveness
        • The UK And Globalisation
      • Why Do Some Less Developed Countries Struggle To Get Growth And Benefit From International Trade
        • Poverty
        • Limits To Benefiting From Globalisation
      • Ways Of Supporting Growth
        • Aid
        • Trade
        • Debt Relif
        • Investment
        • Help With Investment In Human Capital
        • Fair Trade Scheme
        • Non-Government Organisations





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