Key Concepts

Key processes

Components of fitness

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    • Key processes
      • Developing Skills
        • Learning new things
        • E.G. learning a new way to pass in netball
        • Building on skills you can do already
      • Evaluating and improving
        • Watching a peformance
        • Looking for ways to improve it
      • Physical and mental capacity
        • Need to be physically and mentally able
        • Need to believe in self
      • Decision making
        • Deciding when to perform a skill
        • Choosing what skill to perform
        • Deciding whether to shoot or pass in football
      • Making informed choices about HAL
        • Link between exercise, diet and health
        • Certain sports better for different people
        • E.G. a social person will enjoy team sports
    • Key concepts
      • Creativity
        • Experimenting with ideas and tactics
        • Choreographing a dance routine
      • HAL
        • Knowing contribution of physical activity for HAL
        • Connection of activity, diet and lifestyle
      • Performance
        • Producing effective outcomes
        • Using competence and knowledge
      • Competence
        • Knowing what you should do
        • Being able to perform required skills
        • Deciding when to demonstrate a certain skill
    • Components of fitness
      • Flexibility
        • Range of movement around a joint
        • Sit and reach test
        • Reaching to lift a object from high up
      • Strength
        • Ability of muscle to exert a force
        • For a short amount of time
        • Grip dynanomater
      • Speed
        • Ability for body/limbs to move quickly
        • 30m sprint
      • CV endurance
        • Ability of the heart to pump blood around the body
        • Multistage fitneess test
        • Cooper's 12 minute run
      • Muscular endurance
        • Ability of a muscle to exert a force
        • Repeatedly
        • For a longer period of time
        • E.G. hammering a nail into a wall
        • Sit up/ press up test
        • Press ups


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