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  • Language and Gender
    • Stereotyping
      • women are more likely to talk more, use softer language and standard english
      • men are assumed to interrupt more, be more assertive swear more and use non standard english
      • gender roles in language is often more male dominated
    • Sapir-whorf and gender
      • principle claiming that the structure of language affects its speakers
      • our understanding of female and male constructions is based on the words we have  created for them
      • we are aware that stereotypes don't always apply but this is seen as abnormal
    • Lakoff
      • the politeness principle- woman have distinctive features due to social conditioning
      • use of: hedges, empty adjectives, super-polite forms, apologies, less frequent speech etc
    • Prestige
      • covert- high social status through use of non standard form and therefore asserting dominance
        • Peter Trudgill
      • overt- dialect  used by culturally powerful groups
    • Dominance theory
      • men are dominant and women are powerless
        • Zimmerman and West- 96% interruptions in a convo are male
    • Difference theory
      • men and women use language differently
      • Tannen- women build connections and men build statuts
      • 6 main ways the sexes use language
      • Cameron- argues against language reflecting social status
    • Gender in non-fiction
      • Fairclough
      • Halliday
      • UntiCtled


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