Genetic factors in agression

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  • Genetic factors in agression
    • Twin studies have found that compares with dizygotic twins, monozygotic twins are more similar in terms of aggressive behavior - therefore, due to the fact the environments being exactly the same a genetic link is shown
      • Rutter et al found DZ twins have a concordance rate of between -13-22% whereas MZ twins have a concordence rate between 26-51%
    • MAOA - a gene responsible for producing MAOA has been associated with agressive behavior as it regulates the metabolism of serotonin in the brain & low levels have been associated with impulsive and aggressive behaviour
    • Adoption studies - Hutchings & Mednick - conducted a study of over 14,000 adoptions in Denmark and found that a significant number of adopted boys with criminal convictions had biological parents with criminal convictions - providing evidene for a genetic effect.
    • IDA
      • Deterministic - ignores free will
      • Relies on biological approach which causes is to be reductionist as other factors such as environmental are not taken into account
      • Secientific method of study so validity and reliability are increased


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