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  • Genomes
    • Uses of Genomes
      • DNA profiling -> forensic crime scene analysis & paternity / maternity testing
      • Genomic sequencing & comparative genome mapping -> research into functions of genes
      • Genetic engineering -> production of chemicals, genetically modified organisms & xenotransplantation
      • Gene therapy -> treat conditions such as cystic fibrosis
    • Applications of comparative genome mapping
      • Identify genes for proteins gives clues to relative importance of such genes
      • Comparing DNA/genes of different species shows evolutionary relationships
      • Modelling effects of changes to DNA/genes
      • Comparing genomes from pathogenic & similar non-pathogenic organisms can identify genes that are most important in causing disease
      • DNA of individuals can be analysed. Can reveal mutant alleles or presence of alleles associated with increased risks of particular diseases
    • Whole Genomes
      • Gene = a section of DNA that codes for a protein or polypeptide
      • Genome = all the genetic info within a cell for an organism
      • Genomics = the study of the whole set of genetic info of organisms


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