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  • geography
    • sustainability
      • Doing something in a way that does not harm the environment so that it can be continued indefinitely.
    • rainwater harvesting
      • low impact, small scale ways of collecting rainwater such as water ****s, earth channels and small ponds. they can be maintained using simple tools.
      • case study- rain water harvesting in south Africa.
        • the water is collected in a water **** this is sustainable because they dig more holes to collect more water.
        • fruit trees are planted on the lower side of a trench where the roots can find water, this is sustainable because they don't need any technology to make water.
    • play pump
      • play pump systems cost $14'000, are human powered, funded through advertising billboards on the tank.
      • The play pump works because water is drawn from wells using hand pumps. an engineer has to service the pump regularly and parts can be expensive, also the children play on the roundabout and save there mums a lot of work.


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