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  • Geography
    • Ecosystems
      • Food chains and Nutrient cycle
        • Sun - plants - herbivores - omnivores - carnivores
        • food web:  top= Tertiary - (lion), Secondary - (Vulture, Hyena, Cheetah), Primary - (Giraffe, Elephant, Zebra, Gazelle), Producers - (Grass, Trees, Shrubs)
    • Tropical Rainforest
      • Location
        • Tropical Rainforests are found around the equator
      • Climate
        • Hot and wet
      • structure
        • forest floor, the understory, the canopy, the emergent layer
      • plants and adaptions
        • the leaves have adapted to drip tips so that when it rains they slide right off the leaves so that it gets to the roots. tree trunks and thin and tall to allow the trees to reach the sunlight.
      • Nutrient cycling
        • when an animal or something dies then it gets decomposed and the nutrients are broken down and then the nutrients are absorbed bythe plants around ti
      • deforestation
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