Geography development

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  • Measuring Development
    • HIC and LIC's can be  divided by the Bradt line          LIC's in Southern hemisphere      HIC's in Northern hempishere
    • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
      • total value of goods and services a country produces a year
    • Life expectancy
      • average age a person can expect to live
    • Infant mortality rate
      • number of babies die under 1 year old per a thousand births
    • Calorie intake
      • How many Calories eaten per day
    • Energy comsumption
      • Number of British thermal units used per person
    • Urban population
      • % of people living in cities and town
    • Literacy rates
      • Percentage of adults who can read to 'get by'
    • Number of people for a doctor
      • Number of potential patients per doctor


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