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  • Glaciers (Kavish)
    • glaciers erode landscapes as they move
      • abrasion- rocks stuck in the ice  grind against the rock below the glacier, wearing it away
      • plucking- glaciers freeze on rock, as the glacier moves it pulls out pieces of rock
    • glacial erosion can create a range of landforms
      • truncated spurs- cliff like edges on the valley side formed with ridges of land that stick out into the main valley are cut off *** glacier moves past
      • ribbon lakes- long thin lake formed after a glacier retreats
      • hanging valleys- small glaciers that flow into a main glacier
      • glacial troughs- valleys with flat floors, start v-shaped but change u-shaped as glacier erodes side and floors
    • glaciers deposit materials as different types of moraine
      • lateral moraine- side of where glacier was
      • medial moraine- centre of valley floor when 2 glaciers meet
      • terminal moraine- builds up at snout (front) of glacier
      • ground moraine- eroded material dragged along base of glacier
    • drumlins and erratic's
      • drumlins- formed due to overload of  glacial deposit, overtime egg-like hills are formed under glaciers.
      • erratic's- rocks picked up by glaciers and dropped in an different area.(often look out of place)
    • glaciated areas have economic uses-
      • farming- sheep farming as of steep slope & poor soil makes it bad for other faming crops can grow at lower altitudes
      • quarrying- glacial erosion has left lots of exposed rock
      • tourism- landscapes are attractive tourist hotspots, lots of activities to do.
      • forestry- coniferous(evergreen) forests can cope with cold weather & high rainfall so placed in upland glaciated areas


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