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  • Synoptic links
    • Q - Greatest issue is managing waste
      • LICs - 85% of waste budget is on waste collection
        • Don't have infrastructure so use landfill or unregulated dumping
          • CONC - both HICs and LICs have waste issues but HICs manage better
            • NEEs more focused on socio-economic development as help GDP
              • Mor e likely to trade with richer countries so even better GDP
      • Socio-economic issues
        • London or Mumbai CS
        • Rich = more tax = more investment = more money to tackle other issues
          • Solve = training schemes, increase living wage, create a range of jobs. Canary Wharf CS
        • Deprived = uneducated workforce  = unable to access economy of city = social segregation
      • HICs - London CS. Have pipes and bin men so collect waste then send to treatment place
        • Q - global agencies have only brought benefits since introduction. Assess
          • Positive - UN millennium Indiex
            • Reduce number of kids in poverty
              • AO3 - Help some countries in conflict (Ivory Coast) but bias for G7 and not useful in Cyprus
          • Negative - World bank. Give loans to LICs to help with development
            • Only focused on increasing GDP, not living standards. Ethnocentric
          • WTO
            • Allow LICs to pay less tariffs
              • Negative - allowed free trade so HICs benefitted more
      • Env issues impact everyone but socio-economic issues only impact the WC
        • HICs have signed agreements to reduce their env issues to legally obliged to do so.
    • Lived experience
      • How people's age, ethnicity, gender etc impact the way people experince a place
        • Outsiders = tourist gaze so no deep insight


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