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  • George
    • "We travel together," said George coldly
      • adverb
        • He says it coldly, implying that he is prepared to defend Lennie. People who doubt their friendship find him defiant. Perhaps resenting the idea that people are attempting to hold him back or deny him a friendship simply because they don't have one.
    • "George sat entranced with his own pictures"
      • verb
        • The effect here is real, illustrating how intense the draw of the dream is and how it keeps individuals busy. It is a strong and great thing for them.
    • "Get `I'm, Lennie"
      • imperative command/short sentence
        • Lennie, take command. It sounds like an order to an animal, and the sentence's length accentuates this.
    • "sharp, strong features"
      • sibilance
        • This implies intelligence, a powerful mentality, and a stern personality
    • "You crazy *******..."
      • invective
        • reveals his frustration and short temper when he becomes angry with Lennie
    • "Behind him came George and behind George, Lennie..."
      • symbolism
        • symbolizes the relationship like as follower/leader pair
    • "He can rassel grain bags, drive a cultivator. He can do anything you want. Just give him a try."
      • short sentences
        • short sentences, emphasises George's nervousness as he wants to get the job


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