Gerald Croft context and analysis

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  • Gerald Croft
    • Gerald's deceptions as a form of SOPHISTRY
      • Gerald gets Eva drunk before he feeds her to exploit the vulnerable position she is in and to make her more suggestible
      • Gerald pretends that  they are different girls to make it seem less awful, even though Eva's description about her life matches exactly what the inspector said- talks about "THE" shop not "a"
    • Priestley didn't disapprove of Gerald's infidelity because Priestley himself was unfaithful
    • Installing Eva was a premeditated decision
      • "a key to a nice set of rooms" shows that free of cost, he wanted a SEXUAL ADVENTURE
      • Persuades Eva that this was a nice gesture and not make it seem like a grubby monetary exchange
      • As soon as his friend comes back from Canada he doesn't find her a new place to stay, he just kicks her out. To make it seem less bad he gives her an "allowance" which wasn't very much because Eva had lived on it "very economically" implying she was saving because she knew she was being sexually exploited
      • Priestley uses  Gerald to symbolise all upperclassmen who were happy to see any relationship as a way to exploit women, even their wives- Sheila putting up with his infidelities and being seen as a possession because society allows it
    • Gerald only pretends to care about Eva and makes a show of leaving out of distress when he was actually trying to buy time to go to a police station because HE LIES ABOUT BUMPING INTO A POLICE OFFICER
      • He suspects that the inspector isn't real all along because he isn't used to being treated less respectfully as an upper class man of status
      • He wants to prove the inspector isn't real therefore he didn't do anything wrong. HE IS NOT SORRY FOR HIS MISTAKE HE IS SORRY HE GOT CAUGHT
    • Gerald is the real face of CAPITALISM
      • He is nearly 30 so he is too old to be enlisted but is still old enough to inherit his father's business and make excessive profit from the war effort. The older generation will probably be dead by 1945
      • Gerald says something but believes another so he is the person Priestley wants us to reject.. the capitalist who made profit from the "fire and blood and anguish" of young men


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