Getting energy from hydrogen

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  • Getting energy from hydrogen
    • Reaction between H and O is exothermic - energy released
    • Hydrogen gas can be burnt to power vehicles
      • H gas can be burnt in oxygen as a fuel in the combustion engines of vehicles
      • Pros: H+O = water - so it is clean
      • Cons: H hard to store safely - explosive, need energy from another source to make it - still be using up non renewable fossil fuels
    • Fuel Cells
      • An electrical cell that is supplied with a fuel and oxygen and uses energy from the reaction between them to generate electricity
      • Does not run down and does not need recharging
      • Will produce energy in the form of electricity and heat as long as fuel is supplied
      • Only waste product is water
      • Do not produce pollution - major advantage in cities
      • Can help countries become less dependent on crude oil
      • Not dependence on fossil fuels
        • H fuel often made from hydrocarbons from fossil fuels or by electrolysis of water, uses electricity - has to be generated somehow


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