Gibson's Visual Perception

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  • Direct Visual Perception & Action
    • Perception = cognitive process where we make sense of info provided by sense organs
    • GIBSON'S THEORY OF DIRECT PERCEPTION/ Ecological Theory = action driven (point is to enable interactions with world)
      • Bottom up approach - take info about environment directly from light waves
    • Ambient Optic Array: Light waves are refracted off textures surfaces, and this patter contains all visual info needed to perceive - as we move, OA changes
    • Invariant Features: features in environment that never change, eg texture gradient (depth increases with distance) and horizon-ratio relaation (ratio above & below horizon is constant for same size objects)
    • Optic Flow: changes in flow = type of movement - moving to pole = outflow, moving backwards from pole = inflow
    • Affordance: cues in environment which don't rely on stored info - can know just by looking. Eg chair affords sitting, mug handle affords grasping etc
    • Evaluation: +High ecological validity (no 2D lab experiment), -Doesn't specify how we pick up info from optic array, - Reductionist, perceive only through environment not memory


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