global development

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  • global development
    • defining development
      • the standard of living based on social, economic, political and environmental factors
      • water/food security
        • safe water means children can go to school instead of collecting water
        • availability= enough all the time
        • access= enough to stay healthy
    • measuring development
      • GDP
        • total value of goods and services PER YEAR
      • HDI
        • -life expectancy    -ave years in education      -GNI
      • gini coefficient
        • closer to 0 = more equality
    • patterns of development
      • global inequalities
        • physical
          • size of country, landlocked
        • historical
          • colonial links, trading reationships
        • economic
          • debt, investment
      • inequality within the UK
        • physical
          • accessibility of the area
        • historical
          • impact of deindustrialisation
        • economic
          • employment rates, house prices, salaries
    • uneven development
      • impacts
        • education
          • poor attendance rates = less education = debt
        • access to housing
          • people end up in slums (more than 30% of the world)
        • health
          • more stress on services and people cant get the help they need
    • international strategies
      • debt relief
        • poorer countries struggle to pay back= world bank organised HIPC to reduce amount owed = income can be helped to improve residents lives
      • inter-governmental agreements
        •  agreements such as removing trade barriers/ commitments to fund improvements in specific parts of the world
          • complex with "strings attached" but can reduce development gap
      • fair trade
        • retailers get fairer prices for prodcuts = makes up less than 1% of world trade
    • top down vs bottom up
      • top down development
        • through government
          • can benefit thousands of people.         access to world leading experts
          • funding can come with "strings attached"      many locals dont benefit
      • bottom up development
        • NGOs through communities
          • targeted at specific needs of local people
          • small scale so promotion of development is slow


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