Global Migration 1. What are the contemporary patterns of global migration?

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  • What are the contemporary patterns of global migration?
    • How global migration can promote stability, growth and development within and between countries through flows of people, money, ideas and technology
      • Development
        • Social remittances such as ideas on democracy, family size, education and marriage
        • Migrants can fill skills gaps and shortages in the labour market
        • Migrant remittances contribute to economic stability
      • Stability
        • Youthful migrants contribute to a more balanced age structure where there is an ageing population
        • GDP and tax base can be boosted by working migrants
        • Migrants can be boosted by working migrants
      • Economic growth
        • UN 'migration and development' projects involve families, local authorities and public/private service providers
        • Skills and knowledge acquired can be taken home by returning migrants
        • Diaspora associations create networks which ease flows of skills, financial resources, values and ideas
    • How global migration causes inequalities, conflicts and injustices for people and places through flows of people, money, ideas and technology
      • Inequalities
        • Brain drain at origin as younger economically active leave
        • Birth rates rise (host) or fall (origin)
        • Remittances create inequality between families that receive them and those that don’t
      • Conflicts
        • Barriers (language, beliefs and customs) divide host community and ‘newcomers’
        • Pressure on services at host (education, health and housing)
        • Borders become conflict zones between authorities, locals, traffickers and illegal migrants
      • Injustices
        • Human rights violations of vulnerable migrants (forced labour, human trafficking, exploitation of women)
        • Asylum seekers denied work, given limited food, poor access to sanitation and clothing for the duration of application
        • The unfortunate situation of refugees (esp in terms of shelter, food, water, medicines and safety) plus the possibility of deportation


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