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  • Globalisation
    • Globalisation is the interconnectedness of the world and its people
      • Cultural globalisation-sharing of ideas, meanings and values around the world
        • Economic globalisation- mobility of people, capital, technical goods and services internationally
          • Political globalisation-the growth of the worldwide political systems.
            • Advantages, rate of education is increasing, generates employment, cheaper prices, communication, and cheap labour.
              • Disadvantages, exploitation of workers, loss of culture (westernisation), environmental degradation, disparity.
    • Helping poverty, huge supply of cheap labour, trading opportunities eg energy pathways, outsourcing of cheap products.
      • Negatively affecting poverty, jobs are not secure due to competition, anti globalisers argue it has caused extreme nationalism.
      • Helping human rights, UK is committed to ECtHR post Brexit, ICC has brought global attention to Darfur and Sudan.
      • Issues with human rights, ICC requires cooperation of states to be efffective, suggestion of the UK Bill of Rights, USA is not apart of the ICC.


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