Globalisation and crime

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  • Globalisation and crime
    • Cybercrime (Wall)
      • Cyber-trespass
        • Hacking; sabotage
      • Cyber violence
        • Stalking; trolling and online hate crime
      • Cyber ***********
        • Child ****; deep-fake ***********
      • Cyber deception and theft
        • Phishing; identify theft online
    • The Global Criminal economy (Castells)
      • Crime is worth  £1 trillion per year
        • Drug trafficking and sales
        • Human trafficking and enforced slavery /prostitution
        • Sale of weapons
        • Endangered animals and their products
        • Smuggling
    • The Marxist view of globalisation and crime (Taylor)
      • Globalisation had led to greater inequality and rise in crime
      • This means that lower classes care committing more crime due to
        • Drug and gang culture
        • Benefits and tax fraud
        • Searching for illegal jobs or income sources
    • McMafia (Glenny)
      • Organisationswhich have emerged in ex-soviet areas and followed the collapse of communism and USSR
        • Markets became deregulated and resources bought up by oligarchs who created their fortunes by selling these at huge profits
          • Oligarchs required protection due to huge wealth so used ‘mafias’
    • Global risk consciousness (Beck)
      • Insecurity as a result of increased globalisation has made a risk mentality in society which is global rather than local
        • Have to be aware of crime occurring worldwide not just in our local area
      • Increasing migration patterns create anxiety around safety and crime
      • Hate crimes are increasing
        • Threat inflated by both media and politics
    • Hobbs and Dunningham’s glocal organisations
      • Crime is based locally but has global connections and is influenced by abroad
      • Changing  patterns for globalisation have led to changed patterns of crime


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