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  • Globalisation & Development
    • LDC (Bangladesh)
      • FACTORY COLLAPSE factory owners added xtra floors illegally, engineers and officials "checked site" but never actually visited, consumers fuel this by buying cheapest clothes.
      • flooding, extremely fertile soil so hard to move out of primary, most densely populated place in world
      • MICRO- FINANCE 64 different loans, 18.3 mil borrowers, 10 million bangladeshis out of pov but this could be due to other factors. Incr. in women independence but also domest violence. Harassment, 62% annual income used to pay off loans.
      • Why Struggling? Lack of FDI, Debt, Many rely on farming for food so difficult to progress
    • Patterns and Procceses
      • Globalization of Services
        • INDIA better tech means services can become more global. India has 2nd biggest pop and english speaking resource, 350000 engineers/ year. big middle class pop to sell to, fairly central ang good time zone, 100% foreign ownership allowed
      • NIC's
        • TIGERS (TAIWAN) Shortest flying time for 7 major cities, tax cuts and reduced tarrifs, aid from USA in 50's, GDP went from $1,000 (1960) to $8,000 (1990) ISSUES: Large wealth gap and pollution leading to acid rain
        • FURTHER GROWTH (CHINA) Up to 1978 government controlled all productive assets e.g agricultural land. 1978 ec reforms and change in gov policy meant economic growth. More invest in infra and education. Joined WTO in 2001
          • Reform result as well as setting up SEZ's and opening markets more by joining WTO, attracted FDI. Manufact industries boomed. ISSUES: pollution, poor working cond, wider wealth gap
      • 21st Century Growth
        • MINT COUNTRIES why emerging and issues
          • MEXICO close to USA, established manufacturer, large workforce. Loss of NAFTA due to Trump?
          • NIGERIA "core" economy in west africa, cheap, recent technological improvement. Inexperience, poor Infra and gov
    • Development Issues
      • Trade V Aid
        • Riders for Health
      • Ec V Env Sustainability
      • Sustainable tourism
    • Global and Social Economic Groups
      • Brandt Line- Many countries have developed since 80's. Saudi Arabia is one of richest in world yet is under the line.
      • EU reasons for grouping: single market, free movement of goods, people, services and capital. Over 52% of UK exports are to EU. Increased GDP, Lower unemployment rates. Lower tax rates and CAP helps farmers and LDC's in Europe, Euro saves money and single interest rate
    • Aspects of Globalisation
      • TNC's
        • Lenovo Nearly all manufacturing in LDC's for cheap. All research in China indicating development in tert sector. Slovakia for Europe operations bc cheap.
        • Nokia HQ- Finland. Many R+D in Europe, possibly bc aimed at this market. R+D in US then manufact in Mexico bc close but Mex cheaper. One retail point in S. Africa bc small market.Most Production in LDC's. Poor working condt. unsafe and underpay (£1/hour but deduct for food and housing)
      • Impacts of TNC's
        • MCDONALDS
        • COCA COLA


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