Globalisation, human rights, state and green crime

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  • Globalisation, human rights, state and green crime
    • Globalisation and crime
      • The globalisation of crime
        • Globalisation has resulted in a massive growth in the following forms of crime:
          • Drugs
          • Illegal weapons
          • Human trafficking
          • Corruption
          • War crimes
      • Castells; criminal networks and the effects of global crime
        • Globalisation involves the development of networks that cut across national boundaries
          • Self-contained societies are out-dated
      • The further effects of globalisation
        • Tim Newburn
          • Globalisation reduces the power of the nation state
            • Provides opportunity to commit crimes in new ways
    • Capitalism, globalisation and crime
      • Ian Taylor
        • The development of capitalism is the main force behind the increase in crime
      • Ruggiero
        • The decline in employment encourages the growth of small firms in Western Europe that avoid labour laws
      • Crime: the local and the global
        • **** Hobbs and Colin Dunningham
          • Crime is not just organised globally but also locally
    • Green, environmental and eco-crime
      • Defining crime against the environment
        • Situ and Emmons
          • An environmental crime is an unauthorised act or omission that violates the law
      • Nigel South
        • Primary crimes are legal under international law but due to the rate of damage to the environment, should be closely analysed by criminologists
      • Thornton and Beckworth
        • 24,000 people die prematurely every year due to air pollution
    • Theoretical approaches to green crime
      • Ulrich Beck and risk society
        • Economic growth in affluent nations has meant that the risks resulting from a lack of resources have declined
        • Philip Sutton
          • Richer can afford to live in parts of the world
      • Green crime, capitalism and corporate power
        • Hayley and Whyte
          • green crime is used by the dominance of the capitalist ideology, which prioritises economic growth over environmental welbeing
      • The environment, corporations, states, organised crime and consumers
        • Nigel South
          • Only 10% of Naples' waste is disposed of legally
    • State Crimes
      • The nature and extent of state crime
        • Penny Green and Tony Ward
          • Governments are able to maintain secrecy over their actions
      • State crime and human rights
        • Julia Schwendinger
          • It is the duty of sociologists to support human rights and expose abuses by the state


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