Goal setting

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  • Goal setting
    • Objective one sets or an objective set for one by another influential person
      • Basic strategies for goals setting
        • Planning and preparation
        • Education and aqusition
        • Implementation and follow up
      • Factors affecting unsuccessful goal setting
        • Goals are unrealistic and unmanagable
        • Too many goals
        • Beyond athletes control
        • Time-frame not appropriate
        • No flexibility when goals become blocked
    • Why?
      • Motivates
      • Organised= more time to train, perform, other responsibilites
      • Plan training
      • Decrease anxiety
      • Increase control
      • Increase self-confidence/ esteem/ efficacy
      • Increase effectivness
    • Subjective
      • General statements of intent
      • No time frame
      • E.G. "I want to play well"
    • Objective
      • Specified time
      • Statements focused on attaining specific standard of proficiency
      • E.G. "I want to gain 1st place in the competition in two months time"
    • Time lengths
      • Periodisation
      • Short/micro
        • Medium/ meso
          • Long/macro
      • Time length depends on individual
      • Short- term goals= foundations and building blocks for long-term achievment
    • Principles of goal setting
      • Specific (clear and concise focus to event/skill)
        • Measurable (assessed and evaluated/ show progress)
          • Agreed (goals discussed between coach and athlete)
            • Realistic ( Achievable for athlete but challenging)
              • Time- bound (reflect short and long term objectives)
                • Exciting (avoid boredom and increase motivation)
                  • Recorded (provide feedback and track progress)
      • If goals are unrealistic= demotivating when not achieved
      • Learned helplessness
        • Defeat= inevitable
        • Internal, stable factors
        • poor self -esteem, confidence/ efficacy
    • Types of goals
      • Outcome (end product/ specific success)
      • performance (Achievement of performance outcomes E.G. PB
      • Process (Technical elements/ focus for development)
      • Short- term (Building blocks for long-term goals
      • Long-term (larger objectives achieved over time)


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