Goat Aid Mindmap

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  • Goat Aid
    • Background
      • Gives goats to families and villages
        • £25 per goat (often pregnant)
        • Bought in country - reduces transport costs and money goes to the country
          • Increases local trade
    • Advantages
      • Manure can be used as crop fertiliser
      • Goat milk and meat is an excellent food source - nutrition improves
      • Goats breed easily which makes it sustainable
      • Milk and babies (kids) can be sold to pay for food and education
      • One baby goat (kid) is returned to a bank. The bank allocates goats to local people
    • Sustainability
      • Goats can reproduce and are then passed on to other families
      • Knowledge can be passed on once taught
      • Benefits are more than just milk
    • Negatives
      • Veterinary care is expensive and will be hard to find
      • Family has to provide food and shelter for the goat
      • Hooves will break up the soil increasing soil erosion during dry seasons
      • People need to be taught how to look after the goat properly


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