Goat Aid

Case study information on goat aid

positives/negatives and sustainability

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  • Goat Aid
    • Background
      • Africa- Zambia, Kenya, Malawi
      • Giving a goat to a family to bring up and to gain the uses of
    • Negatives
      • Goats create more problems like diseases.
      • The goats need feeding
      • Educating people to look after it
      • Veterinary bills
      • Transporting goat
    • Positives
      • Milk production and meat for food
        • Less chance of malnutrition and become healthier
      • The cost of buying one goat is low
      • Breeding more goats
      • Manure
        • Money is made by selling goats, manure used to help crops grow
          • Breeding more goats
      • Material from goat for clothes
    • Sustainability
      • Goats can reproduce to make more
      • Have many benifits
      • Make more money out of selling food, milk, materials etc
      • Diseases could be caught by humans or goat could die without reproducing
      • Need money to look after it
      • Knowledge on looking after the goat can be passed on to the next generation


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