Divine Involvement in the Aeneid

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  • Gods in the Aeneid
    • Jupiter
      • Jupiter's Prophecy
        • Imperium sine fine
        • Romulus will be son of Mars
        • Augustus will bring a Golden Age
          • Pax Romana
      • instructs Aeneas to leave Carthage (via Mercury) as his fate is far more important
      • Book 10 council of the gods
        • why has war broken out in Italy?
        • he wont end the war
          • and he won't take sides
      • informs Juno that she will be greatly honoured by the Romans
      • sends an omen to make Anchises leave Troy
    • Venus
      • worries for her son
        • asks Jupiter for reassurance == Prophecy
      • makes Dido fall in love with Aeneas
      • heals Aeneas in Bk 12
      • instructs Aeneas to leave Troy. the gods are the cause of the war
      • sent 2 doves to escort Ae to the Golden Bough
    • Juno
      • Creates the Storm in Bk 1 which angers Neptune
      • starts the war in Italy
        • she instructs Alecto to get Turnus riled up to fight
      • Proposes the marriage between Dido and Aeneas
      • Yields her anger in Bk 12 as long as her conditions are met
        • Latins are not inferior to the Trojans, they keep their language and culture. she will be worshipped
      • Saves Turnus  in Bk 10 - he sees this as shameful
      • Lies at the Assembly of the Gods, Book 10, to counter Venus' argument
      • starts the fighting again in Bk 12 with the help of Juturna
        • tells Juturna to keep Turnus away from Aeneas
    • Other Gods
      • Mercury
        • instructs Aeneas to leave Carthage
        • ensure the Carthaginians are not hostile
      • Diana
        • swears vengeance on Camilla's death
      • Rumour
        • spreads the news of the 'marriage'
        • 'tells' Turnus about Aeneas
      • Iris
        • aids Dido's death
  • Harrison: Soap opera *****
  • West - The greatest liar in the Aeneid
  • West - rowdy family... constant trouble between a jealous wife and unruly daughter
  • Gransden - most of the plot of the Aeneid is generated by Juno


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