government and politics

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  • Government and Politics
    • legislature
      • made up of the two houses of parliament - house of commons and house of lords
        • house of commons- MPs who are elected td by the people
          • their job to decide what legislation gets passed, authorise taxes and hold government to account
        • house of lords- peers who are appointed for life by the the king or queen under advice of the PM
          • their job to be specialists in certain areas and scrutinise bills
      • they discuss, debate, amend and accept or reject the new legislation suggested by the excecutive
    • executive
      • made up of the prime minister and their cabinet
        • their job to lead the government and propose new legislation or laws
          • before a law is passed, it is called a Bill
    • judiciary
      • comprised of the system of courts that implement the laws that are passed down by parliament
        • the government is divided into 25 departments
          • each one is headed by a minister from the PMs cabinet, who they choose
    • role of the monarchy
      • Constitutional monarchy- we have a monarchy but real power rests with the parliament and government
      • the role used to be much bigger, but laws such as the Magna Carta in 1215 reduced their power
      • the Queen retains some political roles, but they are mainly ceremonial duties without much power
        • she is the Head of State- she represents the UK around the world
        • she has to give Royal Assent on any bill that is passed by Parliament
          • no monarch has refused a royal assent since Queen Anne refused the bill about scottish militia in 1707
        • the Queen formally approves the Prime Minister


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