Unit 2; Core Studies; Grant et al

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  • Grant et al
    • Background: divers learnt word list under&above water then had to recall them in either state to see if 1 was better
    • Sample: 40, 1 dropped due to low scores, 17 female    22 male
    • IV & DV
      • IV: match or mismatched conditions
      • DV: score on short answers and multiple choice
    • Procedure
      • noise & silent conditions, tested individually but with same instructions
      • Read paper on psycho-immunology then answer 10 recall and 16 recog questions
      • 30 minutes with 2 min break before test
    • Results
      • Recall: **:6.7 SN:4.6 NS:5.4 NN:6.2
      • Recog: **:14.3 SN:12.7 NS:12.7 NN:14.3
    • Conclusion: Context dependent memory aids recall & recog memory
    • Ethics: all kept
    • Reliability and Validity
      • IR: controlled & replicable
      • ER: effect was consistent  and occurred for both questions
      • IV: no extraneous variables
      • EV: high as students read to remember info. Low as test isn't accurate of exams
    • Relating to Subject Area
      • Cognitive: studies memory
      • Memory: looks at effect of CDM on recall & recog
    • Links to Debates: Reductionism v Holism
      • looks at only one reason why memory would change




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