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  • Guidance and Feedback(2)
    • Manual Guidance
      • Involves the coach physically altering the learner's body postion to ensure that their physical performance of the skill is correct
        • Primarily used when learning how to perform a dangerous skill and complex skill
        • Increases confidence levels.Allows a complex skill to be broken down into simpler parts
          • The learner can be over-reliant on physical guidance to perform the correct movements. It does not allow for any improvement in kinaesthetic awarness
    • Mechanical Guidance
      • Involves the coach using equipment to help  the performer learn how to perform specific sections of a movement correctly
      • Generally used if performing a dangerous or complex skill
      • This can make the skill safer.It can help to provide a general feel of movement recquired to perform correctly
        • This can lessen the accuracy of the learner's internal feedback.The learner can be over-reliant on the equipment to perform the movements correctly
    • Knowledge of Performance
      • Involves feedback referring to the quality of the movement
      • An athlete using video analysis of a basketball free throw
      • Helps to identify the finer details of action,and explain the effect that they have on performance
      • Can provide too much information for a learner. It can also not allow the learner to appreciate a whole feel for movement
    • Knowledge of Results
      • An extrinsic form of feedback which enables a benchmark for which the performer can evaluate their present performance compared to past performances
        • It is easy to identify progression in performance, and if successful can improve task persistence
        • Overuse can lead to reduced performance enjoyment.It does not explain why a performance was successful or unsuccessful , which may make it harder to replicate a successful performance


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