Unit 1: Habitat Conservation

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  • Habitat Conservation
    • Protected Areas - established through land ownership and designation
      • Does not protect the area from damaging external influences e.g. air pollution
      • NNRs, SSSIs, SPAs, SACs and Ramsar Sites
    • Habitat Management - habitats often are actively maintained for conservation
      • Increases the sustainability of a habitat to human influences
      • Creates semi-natural habitats e.g chalk grassland, moorland, hay meadow
      • Involves maintaining management practises e.g. grazing, burning cycles
      • Maybe necessary to remove invasive species e.g. removals of shrubs or trees
      • Sometimes provide optimum conditions for a certain species e.g. bird boxes, planting nectar plants and hedges
    • Habitat Creation - habitats created for species with no existing habitat available
      • Very difficult to produce a particular set of conditions needed for survival
      • Difficult to ensure that all members of an ecosystem are present
      • Human activities sometimes unintentionally create good habitats
        • Roadside verges
        • Flooded quarries or gravel pits e.g. Hay Tor Quarry
        • Reservoirs
        • Urban gardens and parkland


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