Hamlet critics

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  • Hamlet critics
    • Morality
      • "[Polonius is] a cold-hearted devil." - Walter
      • "The story of moral poisoning." - Taine
    • Women
      • "[Gertrude] inspires uxorious passion first in King Hamlet and later in Claudius." - Bloom
      • "Ophelia is deprived of thought, sexuality and language." - Showalter
      • "Drowning too was associated with the feminine." - Bachelord
      • "Pleasing men is Gertrude's main interest." - Smith
    • Madness
      • "Gives [Hamlet] the licence of a fool to speak cruel truths." - Flint
      • "Hamlet is emotionally unstable, not insane." - Campbell
    • Supernatural
      • "Ghosts of departed persons are not wandering souls of men but the unquiet walks of the devil." - Browne's Religious Medici (1643)
      • "[King Hamlet] serves as a symbol for the religious ambivalence present in England." - O' Connor
    • Action and inaction
      • "Hamlet is a man incapable of acting because he thinks too much." - Coleridge
      • "Knowledge kills action, action requires the veil of illusion." - Nietzsche
    • Revenge
      • "Hamlet assumes without any questioning that he ought to avenge his father." - Bradley
      • "With the strongest purposes of revenge, he is irresolute and inactive." - Mackenzie
      • "Revenge exists as a margin between justice and crime." - Belsey
      • "Hamlet never promises to revenge, only to remember." - Kerrigan
    • Violence
      • "Awful linguistic violence." - Critchley
      • "[Hamlet] is a conscript of war." - Cutwell
    • Control
      • "[Hamlet's] contemplation of madness has left him vulnerable to control." - Tome
      • New historicist lens - 16th Century women controlled by strict gender roles, and couldn't act in theatres
    • Love
      • "Polonius seems to love his children; he seems to have the welfare of the kingdom in mind." - Smith
      • "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sacrifice the bond of human friendship to a social property." - French
    • Appearance v reality
      • "Claudius is a mirror of Hamlet himself." - Rubenfeld
      • "No-one in this play knows or understands anyone else." - Charnes
    • Masculinity
      • "Hamlet becomes temporarily obsessed with the image of warrior masculinity which Pyrrhus represents." - Mangan
      • "Hamlet is presented as fashionably introspective and melancholy." - Sienfield




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