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  • The Handkerchief
    • Quotes
      • "Your napkin is too little let it alone" Act 3 Scene 3 Othello
        • Othello rejects Desdemona's love, symbolically she is the handkerchief that he is tossing aside
      • "They are all but stomachs and we are all but food" Act 3 Scene 4 Emilia
        • The handkerchief has strawberries on and each man that holds it is to Othello effectively having sex with Desdemona
      • "To lose't or give't away were such perdition as nothing else could match" Act 3 Scene 4 Othello
        • For Othello, the Handkerchief had no value until Desdemona left it, and gave her no such warning before giving it to her.
    • AO3
      • Patriarchal renaissance times meaning men had institutional power over women
      • The play exists in the transitional period between the Elizabethan and Jacobean age, perhaps explaining Emilia's proto-feminist ideals.
    • AO4
      • Cymbeline by Shakespeare
        • Posthumous gives Imogen a bracelet, a "manacle of love". Establishes love token as a way of men possessing women, as well as attributing their worth to.
      • Romeo and Juliet
        • The theme of a rebellious marriage against social customs and a secret wedding
    • AO5
      • Robert Heilman: Speaking on Othello "He rejects the magical powers of love" when dismissing the Handkerchief
      • Katherine Stockholder: Speaking on Desdemona "She is too concerned about the real object of her love - Othello" to notice the games being played around her


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