He never expected much

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  • He never expected much
    • explores themes of time, memory, and life itself
    • also addresses themes of time and memory as he looks back on his life and recalls how he’s lived with this knowledge in mind. His life has been better, or at least stronger, due to the fact that he knew from a young age that life wouldn’t be fair
    • three-stanza poem that is separated into sets of eight lines, known as octaves. These octaves follow a simple and consistent rhyme scheme of AAABCCCB, although some of these rhymes, especially the “B” rhymes, are more like half-rhymes than full rhymes
    • The world has “proved to be / Much as you said you were.” He thinks back to when, as a child, he used to lie and watch the sky. Then, he knew, as he does now, that life wouldn’t always be fair
    • Hardy uses “said” several times, building up the reader until it’s time for him to reveal what the world said. This plays into the already song-like feeling of the lines.
    • He tells the world and the listeners that he took the world’s advice. He “failed not to take” it, so throughout his life, he knew that things wouldn’t always be fair. He knew he’d struggle and “strain and ache” throughout the years. But, because he was prepared for it, he could take it all in stride.


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