Health Care Assistant - Roles and Responsibilities

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  • Healthcare Assistant
    • Salary
      • A Healthcare Assistants salary can range from £18,545 to £24,881
    • Working Hours
      • The average working hours for a healthcare assistant is 37 to 40 hours a week and they can work evenings, weekends and bank holidays, they are usually on a rota.
    • What is a Healthcare Assistant
      • Healthcare Assistants are sometimes known as nursing assistants or auxiliary nurses, they work under the guidance and with the support of qualified healthcare professionals. They may work in GP practices, hospitals, nursing homes or other community healthcare settings
    • Responsibilities
      • Help patients shower and get dressed
      • Help people eat
        • Attend meetings with other healthcare professionals
      • Make beds
      • Use equipment to lift and move patients
      • Talk to people and reassure them
      • Help patients to use the toilet
      • Tidy the ward or patients homes
        • Take Patient's temperatures or pulse
    • Roles
      • Checking and ordering supplies
      • Promoting positive mental, physical and nutritional health with patients
      • Personal care involving infection prevention and control
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