Healthy Living OCR Psychology

All the studies and brief outline of the aims of the sub-unit Healthy Living in from the Health and Clinical unit for OCR Psychology. 

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    • Theories of health belief
      • BECKER
        • To use the HBM to explain mothers' adherence to a drug regime for their asthmatic children.
        • To asses the self-efficacy of patients undergoing systematic desensitisati-on in relation to their behavior with previously phobic objects.
      • ROTTER
        • Internal Vs. external locus of control
    • Methods of health promotion
        • To investigate the consequences of emotions and behaviors of fear appeals communication.
        • To review the impact of the passing of a law requiring children to wear cycle helmets
      • COWPE ET AL.
        • To test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and encourage preventative actions.
    • Features of adherence to medical regimes
      • LUSTMAN
        • To assess the efficacy of an antidepressant in treating depression in people with diabetes.
      • WATT ET AL.
        • To see if using a Funhaler can improve childrens adherence to taking asthma medication.
      • BULPITT ET AL.
        • To review research on adherence in hypersensitive situations.


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