Helen and Edward

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  • Letters between Helen and Edward Thomas
    • Context
      • Letters while he was serving in the military in ww1
      • Edward was killed 9th April 1917
        • Killed at the Battle Of Arras
      • Shared children
      • Often a one sided relationship- she loved him more than he did her
        • He was rumoured to have been unfaithful to her during their marriage
      • Post script was written between April and June 1917
        • After Edward death
    • Mode
      • Written letters
      • Private letters between husband and wife during Edward being deployed
    • Audience
      • Personal so just each other
        • Feels intrusive to rad
      • People who are interested int he effects of the war on families
    • Edward characteristics in letters
      • Spontaneity
      • War imagery
      • Semantic field of war vs nature
      • Doesn’t ask about the children or Helen
      • Not a lot of emotive language- very matter of fact
    • Helen characteristics in writing
      • Terms  of endearment
      • Much more emotive
      • Postscript is more poetic as it is very thought out


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