Henry 7th GOV

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  • Henry VII's Government structure
    • problems: nobles had to much wealth and territory, uneven  control of the Crown (north +boderland)
    • Privy Council
      • picked by henry himself (most trusted advisors) people who served Edward IV (john morton)
      • 24/ 6-7 approx who were close
      • meet reguarly
      • representaion of aspects of the land
    • Financial Administration
      • privy chamber/star chamber instead of exchequer system
        • took control of his finaces
        • exchequer 1year=11,700 vs 25000 with rich III
      • court of aduit to manage gov spending
      • solvency
      • Suffering on the account of the greed of the monarch
      • took payments from nobles, new post surveyors of the kings wards
    • Council learned in law
      • dealt with managing and pursuing the kings feudal rights
      • leagl training- authorised to hold law courts
      • over 240 indetifed
      • members would avoid dues (sir Reginald bray)(Edmund Dudley Richard & Empson)
      • did not persecute, indebt or manage dues based on class
      • long service branched out
    • Local Goverment
      • Justices of the Peace
        • national duty to the king instead if community
        • 75 laws to enforce
        • kept track people who didnt attent church
        • punished vagabonds
        • supervised matinance of highways+bridges
        • licensed alehouses
        • 1485-powers of arrest  1491-powers to grant bail 1495-power to vet juries
        • tried serious crimes at Quarter sessions (except treason)
      • census, labour tax
      • local noblity
      • Henry did not try to make one system of government depended on reigon
    • National Government
      • acts of attainder
      • ruled through decrees
    • scotland was a separate kingdom
    • council of wales


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