henry Vii consolidation of power

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  • Henry VII's Consolidation of Power
    • War of the Roses(1455-1487)/century war
      • House of Lancaster vs House of York
      • Ended by Henry II victory at battle of Bosworth (killed Richard III)
        • previously fled with his uncle jasper Tudor to Brittany
      • Destroyed the Country economically and environmentally
      • the throne left unstable by ever changing monarchs
      • Yorkists
        • Richard, duke of york made clamin the crowm---> killed in battle of mayfield
          • his son won the battle of Mortimer cross becoming Edward IV
    • Henry VI(1422-1461)
      • Seized throne at 9months old ruled by regency
      • weak + indecisive = dominated by advisers = nobles and his wife =power vacuum
      • no hier till 1453
      • England defeated by France at castillion in France( 1453)
      • later in reign suffered from catatonic schizophrenia (unable to communicate with anyone)
        • unable to establish control after recovery
      • conflict with York led to battle killing his son henry disposed sent to tower of London and then murdered
    • Edward IV-1461-1470(1471-14830
        • Acquisition of the land of the duchies (York Lancaster) +lands of the earl of warick = pre-enment landowner
        • a heir + another boy and five girls presented fertility
        • Margert baeufort+ Hnery tudor weak threats
        • provided law and order, involed, effective and authorative goverment
        • avoided unpopular heavy taxation
        • council of his own choosing persnalilty in gov (greats statue 6,4)
      • deposed but reinstated in 1471 (Margaret of Anjou, earl of Warwick, George duke of clarence)
    • Richard III (1483-1485)
      • Edward fell ill and died 9/4/1483 set to be succeeded by edward V
      • Richard was regent for the young prince however him and young brother Richard duke of York went missing
      • Richard suspected to have locked boys in the tower of London and had them executed
        • made him very unpopulaur
      • Executed lord hasting (well liked)
      • made parliament proclaim him king


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