Henry VII : consolidation/rise to power

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  • Henrys rise to power
    • Marriage
      • Elizabeth of York
        • brought both houses together
        • Influential men
        • legitmacy: could now provide an hier
    • Corination
      • day before battle 21/8/1485
        • to prove he won the crown through conquest + accused richard supporters of treason
      • crowned by thomas stanley on battlefield
      • parliment summoned on 7th of november
      • approval of church (son  of son offormer queen of england)
        • however born out of lack
      • However weak before parliment
      • descendant of Edward III through marriage
    • Character + aims
      • control+power
        • Involved in government matters other kings wouldn't bother with
        • to legitimise his throne
          • wary of nobles and yokists
          • never challenged Edward iv -However due to Richards unpopularity stood opportunity
        • Had support of French kings popular in the capital
        • more feared than loved
    • claim to throne
      • father was son of a britsh queen
      • mother directly related to Edward III
      • Henry resied in britanny with uncle
      • Lancastrian
    • During his reign (1485-1609)
      • distursted nobles
      • crown had uneven control(north still supported Richard)
      • trade + exploration
      • instability( won by conquest)
    • rewarding supporters
      • earl ships, dukedom, cardinals, knight ships
      • Jasper  Tudor- Duke l of Bedford
      • Lord stanley ear of derby John de vere -earl of oxford
      • lord stanley marrried his mother
      • lands and patronage
    • Treatment of Yorkist opposition
      • Anyone against him = treason
      • Tudor rose replaced two houses
      • rebllions dealy with harshy: Francis lovel,edmund de la poole, warbeck, simmel.
      • attainers


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