Henry vii foreign relations

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  • Henry VII Foreign Policy
    • Specific Relations
    • Scotland
      • Relations between Scotland + England always tense - Scots took any opportunity to cross border and cause issues
        • Kings of Scotland owed allegiance to English kings - Scots resented this and looked for ways to avoid - inc James IV (Scot King)
      • Despite truce James and Henry made in 1488 - he aided Warbeck when he arrived in Scotland (1495) and gave Warbeck his cousin in marriage - extreme threat to H
        • Hard time for Henry - 1947 Cornish uprising due to higher taxes at the same time
        • Warbeck invasion failed - no supp on border + Scots fled when they heard H sent an army
          • James IV losing faith in Warbeck - didn't take advantage of Cornish rebellion to start his own
            • Treaty of Ayton with Scotland 1947 - didn't become full peace treaty until Warbeck was excecuted
              • Aug 1503 - Treaty sealed by marriage of James and Margaret (H's eldest daughter)
              • Scot still had treaty with France - peace depended on good relations between H and France maintained during H
      • Problems caused by Warbeck
        • supp by Ireland, France and Burgundy at diff times - complicated foreign policy
        • complications over Spanish Treaty - F didn't want daughter marrying an unstable crown
        • 1493 = H disrupted Eng's cloth trade by placing temporary embargo on commercial dealings with Netherlands because Philip and Margaret were aiding Warbeck
        • Highlighted LT issue of Scottish invasion - relief to H when Warbeck was captured and peace was made
    • Burgundy
      • 1505 - H tried to make stronger ties w/ Philip in case of possible break from France + wanted to ensure better trading links in Antwerp to persuade Philip to surrender Earl of Suffolk (John De la Pole)
        • ties w/ Philip at this time = relations with Ferdinand (Aragon) tense - esp after H helped finance Philip's voyage to claim throne of Castile
          • + H considered marrying Margaret of Savoy - she rejected - as daughter of HRE ans Philip's sis - marriage would had jeparised prospective marriage of Catherine of Aragon + Prince H
            • Further antagonised Ferdinand - kept CoA dowry despite requests to complete marriage or return bride and £ to Spain
      • 1506 - H searching for French bride for son - Philip forced to take shelter in Eng (storms) so H took opp to negotiate a treaty = H would marry Philip's sister Margaret of Savoy
        • Isolated - Ferdinand sought agreement with France - Louis XII glad to see union between Spain and Netherlands ruined
          • Oct 1505 - Ferd married Germaine de Foix - L's niece
        • Sep 1506 - Phil dead - altered diplomatic sit = H feared France would sieze weakness of Netherlands (to take land)
          • H repaired relationship with Ferd (CoA + Hen married 11th June 1509) and strengthened relations w/ HRE - H achieved measure of foreign stability and throne now secure from foreign intervention
    • Significant deaths
        • huge blow - 5 months after grand wedding to Catherine
        • Ferdinand encourage Henry marriage - Sep 1502 treaty confirmed - approval from Pope (papal doc) arrived 1504
        • dynastic worries + Ed de la Pole used vulnerability to flee abroad
        • 1504 - Henry consider re-marrying - Queen Joanna of Naples (Ferd niece) - encouraged by spain due to weakening relations with France
          • possibility demolished by death of Isabella of Castile


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