Henry VII Government

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  • Henry VIII Government
    • The Council
      • Advise the king
      • Administer the realm on the king's behalf
      • Make legal judgments
    • Types of councillors
      • Members of the nobility
      • Chuchmen
        • John Morton
        • Richard Fox
      • Laymen - either gentry or lawyers
        • Sir Reginald Bray
        • Edmund Dudley
    • The Great Council
      • A gathering at the House of Lords without the House of Commons
      • Was an occasional NOT a permanent body
      • Concerned itself with issues of war and rebellion
    • Council Learned
      • Developed in the 2nd half of Henry's reign
      • Function was to maintain the King's prerogative rights
      • They created the bonds and recognisances system
    • Parliament
      • Made up of the House of Lords and Commons
      • Not central to the govt
      • Only met 7 times
        • 5 in the first 10 years
      • Its functions were to pass laws and grant taxation to the crown


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