Henry VIII's Foreign Policy

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  • Henry VIII's Foreign Policy
    • France
      • First French War 1512- 1514
        • 1511- England joined the Holy League Alliance
          • Motive: Capture land in France with help from Spain
            • English troops were left by themselves
            • France and Spain restored peace
          • Henry allied with Spain and HRE and captured Tournai and Theoranne
      • Second French War 1522- 1525
        • England declared war in 1522
        • 1523, Duke of Bourbon went against France
          • could cause an upheaval as Duke of Suffolk with 11K troops was heading to Paris
          • failed to gather support in Paris
        • 1525- Battle of Pavia
          • In northern Italy, Francis' army was defeated and he was captured
          • Henry tried to convince Charles to take the French throne but he refused
            • annulled his marriage with Mary
          • Francis and Henry made peace
            • Henry acted as 'protector' in Francis' League of Cognac
      • Third French War 1543- 1546
        • 1544: March on Paris btwn Charles and Henry
          • 48K men surrounded Boulogne and successfully captured it
        • Treaty in 1546
          • Henry was allowed to keep Boulogne and France paid pensions
      • 1515- 1521
        • 1518- Treaty of London
          • Pope Leo X sent a rep. to London to mobilis support against the Ottomans
          • Wolsey made this a universal peace treaty
          • signed by over 20 European rulers
          • brought prestige to England
        • 1520- Field of Cloth of Gold
          • btwn Francis and Henry in Calais
          • seen as a parade of money and wealth
            • cost a year's income
        • Treaty of Bruges 1521
          • Wolsey met with Charles V
          • agreed to go to war with France if Francis didn't make peace
    • Scotland
      • First Scottish War 1513
        • Relations with Scots deteriorated bc of Auld Alliance
        • James launched a raid in England during the 1st French War
          • crushed by Catharine of Aragon's response
        • Battle of Flodden
          • 10K Scots killed and James
          • Margaret Tudor was left regent
      • Second Scottish War 1542- 47
        • Henry and James agreed to meet at York which James stood up
          • resulted in Battle of Soloway Moss where the Scots lost
            • Henry pushed for a marriage alliance btwn MoS and Edward
        • Treaty of Greenwich 1543
          • Peace was established and a marriage alliance btwn Edward and MoS
          • annulled when the French took over


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