Hinduism Public Worship

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  • Hinduism Public Worship
    • Worship starts at dawn
    • The Brahmins (Priest) wash and dress the images of God
    • The Worshippers go and offer their 'bhakti' which means devotion
    • When they worship they light a candle and start saying their prayers
    • Hindus put their hands together it is called 'Anjali'
    • When they finish praying they are given 'Prashad' which is a sacred food. They had been offered to the Gods earlier in the day
    • Puja
      • It is a group worship and it takes place in 3 ways:
        • Havan: The offering of fire, using wood, camphor and ghee. the priest places sacred fir on a fire-altar.
          • While someone reads the Vedas, the fire represents the the mouth of God devouring the offering in front of him. Prayers for purity
        • Arti: is the welcoming ceremony which involves a tray with 5 candles on it (represents: FIRE, EARTH, AIR, ETHER AND WATER. And waved in front of a shrine. A spot of red paste is put upon the forehead of the images of God
        • Bhajan: is the singing of hymns,Bells,Tambourines and Triangles are played and some people dance.There are readings from The Bhagavad Gita before the prayer.
    • They can meditate and pray in the temples


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