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  • Hippolytus
    • Themes
      • Piety
        • Lack of piety  towards Aphrodite, excessive towards Artemis.
          • Aphrodite: "says I am the vilest of the Gods... holding her  the greatest of the gods."
      • Revenge
        • Theseus' revenge of Hippolytus' supposed **** of Phaedra.
        • Phaedra's suicide note framing Hippolytus after he shamed her.
        • Aphrodite's plot to kill Hippolytus because he doesn't give her the proper honours.
      • Power of the Gods
        • Phaedra under Eros' spell. Theseus fated to use his 3 wishes.
          • Artemis: "For Cypris wished this to happen to satisfy her passion."
      • Lust and Chastity
        • Hippolytus values his purity so much that he resent's Aphrodite; leads to his death. Phaedra's lust equally destructive.
          • Hippolytus: "Since I am pure, I greet her from a distance."
      • Silence
        • Hippolytus is forced in to silence because of his oath to the Nurse, Phaedra forced by shame, Nurse breaks silence.
          • Nurse: " do not dishonour your oath."
            • Hippolytus keeps his oath of silence, and doesn't take up the Nurse's offer.
      • Betrayal
        • Phaedra's lust breaks marriage vows, Nurse breaks vow of silence, Phaedra sets Hippolytus up, Theseus thinks he has betrayed him.
          • Phaedra (to the Nurse): "Vilest of women, you who destroyed your friends, what have you done to me!"
        • Hippolytus keeps his oath of silence, and doesn't take up the Nurse's offer.
    • Comparison
      • Hippolytus: "If you wanted to propagate the human race, you should not have brought this about  through women."
        • In Medea, Jason says: "The human race should produce children from some other source"
      • In Antigone, Creon quickly sentence Antogone to death but then realises he was wrong and is full of remorse. Like Theseus killing Hippolytus.
      • Oedipus shares the theme of responsibility and lack f free will, he is fated to d what he does just like Phaedra and Theseus.
      • In Hippolytus there is a theme of silence as Hippolytus won't break his oath, however, in Oedipus there is a theme of everything being out in public.
        • Creon: "If you want my report in the presence of these people..I'm ready now, or we might go inside."
    • The Chorus
      • They are Hippolytus' servants (HS) and Women of Trozen (WoT).
      • Parados: (WoT)- Talk about and wonder source of Phaedra's illness.
      • Stasimon !: myths showing Eros' and Aphrodite's power. (WoT)
      • Stasimon 2: Foreshadow the death of Phaedra and talk of fleeing (WoT).
      • Stasimon 3: grieve Hippolytus' change of fortune, death and talk of his hunting skills. ( WoT and HS).
    • The Plot
      • Prologue- Aphrodite speaks telling of Hippolytus' disrespect and her plans from revenge. Servant warns Hippolytus to respect all gods.
        • "for his offences against me I shall in the course of this day take revenge on Hippolytus."
      • Episode 1- The nurse asks Phaedra what is making her ill, tills her, nurse suggests anti-love potion.
        • Phaedra: " My hands are pure, but a pollution stains my mind."
      • Episode 2- The nurse tells Hippolytus of Phaedra's lust for him, he is disgusted but respects his oath.
        • Phaedra: "Yes, and it is clear- her calls her ' bawd of viciousness', 'betrayer of her master's bed."
      • Episode 3- Phaedra's suicide revealed, Theseus finds suicide note, wishes for Poseidon to kill Hippolytus.
        • Theseus: " She is dead. Do you think that this will save you? Vilest of men, it is this more than anything else that convicts you."
      • Exodus- Hippolytus' fatal injury announced, he is brought to Theseus, Artemis come to tell Theseus the truth.
        • Artemis: "you have sacrilegiously killed your son, by the lying words of your wife persuaded t believe what was not visible?"
    • Characters
      • Theseus- King of Athens, in voluntary exile living in Trozen with his wife Phaedra. Hippolytus' father.
      • Phaedra-Wife of Theseus and Queen of Athens.
        • Wife of Theseus and Queen of Athens. Cursed by Aphrodite to lust for Hippolytus, frames him for **** and commits suicide to preserve her honour.
      • Hippolytus- Illegitimate son of Theseus and Amazonian Hippolyta. worships Artemis but not Aphrodite.
        • Told by the nurse of Phaedra's feelings, gets accused of **** in Phaedra's suicide note and is the exiled and killed by Theseus.


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