History Edexcel Exam Prep Paper 2

Mind map on how to answer Paper 2 questions :)

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  • History Edexcel Exam Paper 2
    • Paper 2
    • Q1- 'Explain 2 consequences'
      • Here's an example question: Explain 2 consequences of the Fort Laramie Treaty (1868)
        • Point: One consequence of the Fort Laramie Treaty was that the Black Hills were granted to the Sioux 'in perpetuity' (forever)
          • Example: The Black Hills were incredibly sacred to the Sioux and so it was important the it was left to the Indians when agreeing to peace with the US government after Red Cloud's War
            • Explain: This meant that relations between the US gov. and the Sioux improved
              • Link: This is a consequence of the Fort Laramie Treaty as the purpose of the treaty was to restore peace following Red Cloud's War
        • Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 - the Black Hills were granted the Sioux
      • 8 marks, you should spend about 12 minutes on this question
    • Q2 - 'The Narrative Account'
      • 8 marks in total
      • Writing a narrative account is like writing a story but you have to use key words, and you have to make it interesting
        • You will need specific knowledge and make sure you keep your examples within the stated date range
          • You need to explain how events are linked, you will need to write a chronologically organised order. Start with an early event and finish it with an outcome
        • Example question: Write a narrative account analysing the key events of Mormon migration in the years 1846-47
          • PEELP and answer, Point, Example, Explain, Linking Phrase
            • Point: Consequently, the Mormons were prepared to their main migrant party in relative safety compared to less well prepared groups like the Donner Party
              • Consequently is the linking phrase
              • Example: In August 1847 the main party travelled along the newly established Mormon Trail
                • Explain: Brigham Young's careful preparation had enabled the safe migration which led to thousands of other Mormons being able to travel to Salt Lake Valley along the Mormon trail in a well organised wagon trains
                  • The linking phrase is which led to
                  • As a result the Mormons under Brigham Young were able to establish a new Mormon settlement at Great Salt Lake
                    • The linking phrase is as a result




I love how you summarize things with mind maps like this. connections game

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