History GCSE Germany Revision

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  • History Germany
    • Gustav Stresemann
      • The Dawes Plan
        • Lowered Germany's reparation costs to a hand able amount so the economy can rebuild
        • French troops had to evacuate the Ruhr so that Germany would have its industry state back
        • American banks invested in German industry
      • Introduction of the Rentenmark
        • This replaced the now worthless currency due to hyperinflation with a new sustainable currency
          • This increased the standard of living for many of the German citizens as they could now afford the neccecities
          • This allowed trade to re-start as the other countries would accept the new currency which has value
      • Locarno Pact
        • This was an agreement between Britain, France, Belgium, Italy and Germany
        • The pact agreed peace between these countries and allied troops had to leave the Reinland
      • Young Plan
      • The League of Nations
        • group of countries joined together with an appointed council from each country to discuss world problems peacefully
        • Initially Germany was not allowed to join the League of Nations
          • Theyeventually joined to the other countries disgust


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