Hitler: The Church

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  • Hitler: The Church
    • Aims
      • Art 24 of 25 point programme favoured 'Positive Christianity'
      • Christianity seen as product of an inferior race
      • Some religious loyalties were obstacles to devotion to the Fuhrer Cult
      • Achieve aims of German Faith Movement
    • Protestants
      • Hitler paid tribute to Churches contributing to well-being of nation
      • Church elections (July 1933) 'German Christians' able to Nazify the Church
      • Ludwig Muller appointed as Reich Bishop
      • Nov 1933: German Christians celebrate takeover in Sports Palace of Berlin
      • Reiich Church forced to accept 'Aryan Paragraph'
        • 18 Jewish Pastors dismissed
    • Day of Potsdam (March 1933) gave impression of unity between Church and State
    • Confessional Church
      • Sep 1933: Dissident Pastors established Pastor's Emergency League
        • Support of 5000 Pastors
      • 1935: Ministry of Church Affairs established
      • Campaign to persuade party members to renounce membership
        • Members not allowed to hold office
        • Priests and pastors forbidden to play a part in the party
    • Catholics
      • Catholics least likely to vote for Nazis in early 1930s
      • 1933: Concordat signed between Church and Nazi Regime
        • Catholic Church guaranteed freedom of religion
        • Acceptance of Church's control over education
        • Church not to interfere in politics
      • Opposition
        • 19,000 people turned out for July opposition procession
        • 1937 - Pope Pius XI issued public letter 'With Burning Grief'
      • Gestapo placed in organisations
      • 200 Priests arrested and tried on sex charges


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