Hitler: The Youth

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  • Hitler: The Youth
    • The Hitler Youth
      • Created in 1929 - response to degeneracy of the Golden Age of Weimar
      • All other youth groups banned or taken over by Hitler Youth
      • Same symbols, culture and psychology as SA and **
      • 1936 - Law for the Incorporation of German Youth
        • Hitler Youth given official status of an education movement
      • Vigorous regime of physical activity and political indoctrination
        • Heavy emphasis on competition, military drill, heroism and leadership
      • Members had to swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler
      • Resentment towards harsher punishments
        • Attendance began to wane at weekly parades
      • 5mill members (64%) German adolescent
        • Rose to 77.2% later that year
      • Scheme made compulsory in 1939
    • League of German Girls (BDM)
      • Female equivalent of Hitler Youth
      • Education consisted of matters of hygiene, cleanliness and healthy eating
      • Additional sessions for political education and racial awareness
      • After 1934, BDM members were expected to do 1 year of work on the land or domestic service
        • Unpopular and many tried to avoid it
      • Scheme made compulsory in 1939


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