hitler's consolidation of power 1933-34

first thing on the wjec spec - covers the reichstag fire, march elections, enabling act, end of federalism, banning of trade unions, end of party politics

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  • hitler's consolidation of power 1933-34
    • the Reichstag Fire - feb 1933
      • a young dutch communist was arrested, confessed and was executed after a trial
      • Reichstag Fire Decree
        • gave Hitler article 48 powers
      • Hitler used the fire to stir fears of a communist revolution
      • Law for the Protection of People and State
    • Enabling Act
      • gave Hitler  the power to pass laws without the Reichstag
        • was meant to only last 4 years, but was never repealed
      • now, the only thing stopping Hitler from becoming a dictator was Hindenberg
    • end of federalism
      • in the days following the March elections, the Lander came under Nazi control
        • threatening demonstrations by ** and SA
        • symbolic raising of swastika banners on town halls
        • surrender of officials with little resistance
          • appointment of Reich Commissioner to restore order
            • Hitler effectively in control of ALL government
    • banning of trade unions
      • large potential source of opposition due to ties to SPD
      • 2nd May - ** forcibly shut down all trade unions, arrested their leaders and confiscated their assets
      • new nazi trade union DAF was headed by Robert Ley as a means of controlling the working class and the Left
        • workers were obliged to join and employers approved
    • end of party politics
      • July - Law Against the Establishment of Parties
        • article 1 removed all opposition to the NSDAP
      • KPD (communists) effectively  suppressed
        • SPD (socialists) moved part of its leadership to prague
          • so nazis prohibited their activities in germany and seized its assets as a hostile organisation
    • New Elections March 5th
      • persuaded Hindenburg to call fresh elections under the guise of political instability and threats of revolution from the Left
      • Nazi's did not get majority, but the Nationalist Party merged with them
        • Hitler used powers to prevent communists taking their seats
          • effectively meant that the Reichstag now would be under Hitler's control


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