HITZ Youth Advisory Board: How will it look

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  • HITZ Youth Advisory Board: How will it look
    • A fully functioning youth board to embed youth voice in the program
    • Election process
      • 1. Boxes in classrooms for suggestions from learners
      • 2. Campaign speeches from candidates who want to go, ballot responses are emailed to PRL by staff
      • 3. Voting day. Young people and staff vote for who they want to go, prem email question sheet to host club
        • Create question sheet template
      • 4. Young people attend
      • Write up election process for clubs
    • Feedback method to clubs
      • 1. Elect a minute taker to take minutes and give to a staff member at the end of each meeting
      • 2. Staff member sends minutes to PRL
      • 3. PRL circulates minutes to all those who need to see.
        • Create minutes template
          • Plan launch event
      • 4. Clubs implement changes
    • Where
      • Regional meetings: Rotate between grouped clubs
        • Plan meeting times, dates and locations
      • National meetings: Midlands club, venue varies each year
    • When
      • Quarterly meetings: Nov, Jan, Apr, July
      • 3 x regional meetings 1x national meeting in November
    • Who
      • How will we decide who attends
        • Nominated by staff and students: Speeches and voting process via ballot box: Simulate an election
        • Different learners each meeting
      • Which staff attend
        • HITZ Officer/tutor, familiar staff = up to 10 staff
      • How many students
        • 1 current learner and up to 1 past learner = up to 22 young people
    • Regions
      • South west group: Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester, Harlequins
      • Midlands group: Leicester, Northampton, Wasps, Worcester, Sale, Newcastle
    • National meetings
      • Prem attended and prem organised
      • Photographer: Promoted through media
      • All-day with catered lunch
      • New experience for participants
      • Plan


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